25% off Osram Night Breakers

25% off Osram Night Breakers
up to 25% Osram bulbs including Night Breakers!

9 December 2010

Check your car headlight bulbs

With the weather as bad as it is at the moment it's worth checking all the bulbs on you car are in working order. You may even wish to upgrade your headlight bulbs if the stand bulb are providing a poor light output.

I'd recommend from experience either going for OSRAM Night Breaker or Philips X-treame bulbs. They both give off over 80% more light than standard bulbs with the Osram Night Breaker Plus giving off the most at 90%.

If your unsure of which bulbs your car need you can either check the user manual that came with your car or you can go to www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk who have a bulb finder which will tell you the bulbs needed for your car.

17 September 2010

New OSRAM Nightbreaker Plus

Following the success of the original Night Breaker Bulbs, OSRAM have announced the release of the new and improved OSRAM Night Breaker Plus headlight bulbs. They are designed as a direct replacement to the most popular sizes of headlight bulb, but provide significant performance improvements.

  • Up to 90% more light for vastly improved night-time visibility

  • Up to 35 meters longer headlight beam, giving more time to react to obstacles

  • Whiter light to reduce driver fatigue at night

  • Up to 50% longer life than the original Night Breaker headlight bulbs

The OSRAM Nightbreakers are now in stock at Autobulbs Direct.

30 April 2009

H7 Philips X-treme Power +80% bulbs on Vauxhall Astra

Thanks to Phil for emailing in with his review of H7 Philips X-treme Power +80% bulbs to his 2006 Vauxhall Astra.

"I have fitted a pair of H7 Philips X-treme Power +80% bulbs to my 2006 Vauxhall Astra and the difference in output between these and the standard bulbs is incredible.

With the OE bulbs, I was subconciously checking that my headllamps were switched on when travelling in the dark or on poorly lit roads, owing to the fact that little light was being thrown onto the road. When compared to other vehicles, especially those HID equipped, lamp performance was generally poor, with a dull yellowish light.

The X-Treme Power bulbs provide an intense white light, and project a solid, useable beam to beyond the focal point of the driver, making them excellent for negotiating dark, poorly lit roads.

These bulbs are ideal for those who have considered aftermarket HID kits, yet don't want to take chances with legality and fitment.
Certainly a worthy upgrade and worth every penny!"

11 March 2009

Upgrade of MK4 Golf and Bora

A mate of mine was looking to upgrade his MK4 Golf headlights and didn't know what to go for. I recommended Osram Night Breaker's as I've used them on my MK5 and I'm really pleased with them but he didn't know what size he needed so I searched and found this diagram whic also covers the Bora as well:

From this we could see what we needed so we went and ordered a set of H1 night breakers for the main beam, night breaker H7's for the side lights and finished off the front lights with a set of Philips Silver Vision indicator bulbs. He was well pleased with the result and all in all cost £50 to make his car look loads better.

3 February 2009

Philips Bulb Bonanza up to 50% off

Well if your looking to upgrade or replace your broken headlight bulbs Autobulbs Direct are now offering up to 50% off the Philips headlight bulb range.

There are savings on EcoVision, Blue Vision, Power 2 Night GT-150, Philips Vision Plus and Philips X-treme Power +80% bulbs.

To see the savings click here.

26 January 2009

What are Xenon HID Headlight Kits

Xenon HID lights are the brilliant, blue/white lights that first appeared on luxury and high performance cars and are now slowly becoming available Extra on an entire range of cars, trucks and 4x4s. HID lights provide twice the light of conventional halogen lights for the ultimate in driving safety.

Xenon HID lamps provide:

  • 200% more light: earlier recognition of road hazards.
  • With a longer and wider beam pattern that projects trice the amount of light on the road, Xenon HID lamps lead to earlier and improved recognition of objects, cyclists, pedestrians, and road workers to name but a few.
  • At highway speeds, HID lights give you up to a full second more time to safely react to road hazards.

Brilliant daylight white light: better reflection of road signs and marking
The clear white light produced by the Xenon HID lamp is similar to daylight. This particular white light reflects road markings and signs better than conventional lighting.

With no less that 80% of all traffic accidents taking place in poorly lit conditions, Xenon HID light is vitally important to accident prevention.

...Xenon HID light consumes over 50% less energy and thus appeals to an environmentally conscious driver and has a lifetime 7 times longer.

12 January 2009

50% Sale at Auto Bulbs Direct

Just to give everyone the heads up Autobulbs Direct are having a up to 50% sale for January so if your looking to upgrade your headlights, fancy a set of silver indicator bulbs or want that HID kit you've been meaning to get and install nows probably the best time to get them!